Friday, May 11, 2012

Burger Truck: Cantine California

Another rainy day in Paris...this morning I got up for a make-up Atiler d'Ecriture lesson.  I checked my twitter account before I headed over to the JYF offices and I saw that Cantine California, a Parisian food truck was going to be at Marche Raspail (only 2 blocks from JYF!!) that afternoon.  Nothing improves a rainy day like a burger.
Cantine California makes delicious American and Mexican food with organic French ingredients.  The chef-owners are American expats(and one American-Canadian raised in Paris!). I arrived as they were doing last calls and luckily I got my burger.  Sadly the fryer wasn't working today, so I will have to get my sweet potato fry fix another day.

Cantine California rolling down Rue de Rennes.

 This is the second food truck to hit Paris, I read about it on a Paris blog called Lost in Cheeseland .
I've been to several food trucks in my time, and I just love the novelty of getting made to order food from a truck.  I love chip trucks in Canada(and their poutine!) and there is a yummy pizza truck in Parry Sound, ON as well.  I also went to a waffle truck in NYC once!  And let's not forget ice cream trucks!  Who can't get excited when they hear ice cream music coming down the street?
 Le Menu
Next time I will have to try a taco and a cupcake!
My Cali-Classic Burger
Lettuce, house sauce, avocado, bacon, red onions, and cheddar cheese.  Yum!
Hopefully I'll be able to track down Le Camion qui Fume, the other Parisian food truck to compare.  All in the name of research for my dear readers bien sur!

In other fun news, there was a guy putting on a puppet show on my morning metro ride.  First time I have ever seen that!  It was a nice change from all the accordion players and drunk hobos.  Tomorrow is our program visit to Fontainebleau and Vaux-le-Vimconte, two chateaus about an hour or so outside of Paris.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate!


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  1. It had three parts of shrimp with a hot layer that kept my lips losing lengthy after the taco was gone.

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